Ann Imlah Schneider's recent research projects and reports began with an evaluation of the long term impact of Title VI (of the Higher Education Act) grants to encourage undergraduate international studies programs. The study was conducted jointly with the late Barbara B. Burn and a team of researchers and advisors and was completed in 1999 (Federal Funding for International Studies: Does it Help? Does it Matter?), published by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Her next study, on the prospects for increasing international components in the undergraduate training of secondary school teachers, resulted in "Internationalizing Teacher Education: What Can Be Done?" (2003); ERIC NO: ED480869.

Her recent study continued the project, with a focus on the preparation of teachers for the elementary level. These two studies are based on data from nearly 400 interviews with faculty, administrators, and students on 42 campuses throughout the United States, as well as views collected from more than 100 current secondary and elementary school teachers. Reports are now available in both summary and complete form.

She has also presented papers on this research at several conferences. Because the information in these papers is sometimes more detailed than in the project's full report, they too are available on this site:

  • Columbia Teachers College in January 2005,
  • the Interagency Language Roundtable Showcase in Columbia, MD in July 2005 [click here for PDF],
  • the International Studies Association/South in Miami, in November 2005 [click here for PDF],
  • the Association of International Education Administrators, in San Diego , February 2006 [click here for PDF],
  • the National Outreach Conference, in Madison (WI), April 2006 [click here for PDF],
  • the NAFSA (National Association of Foreign Student Advisors) 2006 Annual Conference, May 24, 2006 [click here for PDF],
  • the Title VI National Resource Center/FLAS Directors' meeting, in September 2006 [click here for PDF],
  • the NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) Annual Conference, October 20, 2006 and Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, March 29, 2007 [click here for PDF],
  • the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 6, 2007 [click here for PDF] and
  • the Association of International Education Administrators in Washington, DC, in February 2008 [click here for PDF].

She has also written a commentary [click here for PDF] distributed by the National Association of State Boards of Education in the fall of 2007. An article on the roles that historians can play in internationalizing the training of K-12 teachers was published by the American Historical Association in the March 2008 issue of Perspectives in History.

Interested in following up on one of her findings in the teacher education research, she presented a paper at the 2012 meetings of the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) on "Internationalization and the (American) Transfer Student" [click here for pdf].

In January 2009 she undertook an updating of her 1983 review of course coverage at the Title VI National Resource Centers (NRCs). Her report [click here for PDF] was presented at the meetings in celebration of the Title VI 50th anniversary. For the AIEA annual meeting in 2010 she further refined her analysis and recommendations ("Internationalization vs Area Studies?") [click here for PDF] about NRC course coverage. For the inaugural issue of AIEA's "Issues Briefs", she built on those findings to discuss Title VI issues and historical background more broadly, in "Internationalization and Title VI: New Challenges;" the article is also available here [click here for PDF] . In early June 2011, she described the historical background of Title VI a little differently in a letter to the editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education [click here for PDF].